Espresso Cup *Pre-Order*

Espresso Cup *Pre-Order*

$32.00 — Coming soon

Order a set of espresso cups for yourself or a loved one! Simply add the number of cups you'd like to your cart.

Espresso cups hold approximately 2-4 oz (smaller than the cortadito cups), unless otherwise specified. Sets are priced per number of cups, with cost of $32/cup.

For color options, they are as follows:
-White (speckled)
-Light blue exterior/white interior

**Please note that this is a pre-order, meaning the sets are created by hand as the order arrives in my queue. The pieces will undergo two separate firings after being created, involving natural processes so variations in size, shape, or color are not uncommon. Because of the handmade nature of this process, turnaround times are between 8-10 weeks.**

Espresso Cup *Pre-Order* Image 2 Espresso Cup *Pre-Order* Image 3 Espresso Cup *Pre-Order* Image 4
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