Cacao & Wintergreen Matcha Bowl

Cacao & Wintergreen Matcha Bowl

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This matcha bowl is designed to be used and loved in the every day preparation of your favorite matcha. The bowl is made from a dark brown clay, and holds about 16 oz liquid.

Mix and match it with the tumbler of your choice! It's pictured here with the Cacao & Wintergreen Tall Mug.

There are a few small surface "cracks" at the base, but these do not go through to the inside or impact functionality. As a result of these blemishes, the piece is discounted slightly from the original price.

A note on buying from AguaDulce:
-Made by hand, so variations in shape or form may occur and are natural.
-The ceramic piece(s) are dishwasher and microwave safe. Handwashing recommended to extend the life of your pieces.

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